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Report Builder


Report Builder is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify the process of generating and analyzing reports based on the data available through the Selling Partner API. By leveraging the power of the API, this app empowers sellers to gain valuable insights into their business performance, inventory, sales, and other key metrics.

Key Features

Report Types
The app provides a range of pre-defined report templates, including sales reports, inventory reports, performance reports, and more.
Customization Options
Sellers can customize their reports by selecting specific date ranges, product categories, and other relevant parameters.
Data Retrieval
The app utilizes the Selling Partner API to retrieve the required data for generating the reports, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information.
Report Generation
With the retrieved data, the app generates comprehensive reports in a readable format, including tables, charts, and visualizations.
Data Analysis
The app offers built-in analytical tools to help sellers analyze the data and gain insights into their business performance and trends.
Data Export
Sellers can export the generated reports in various formats, such as PDF or CSV, for further analysis, record-keeping, or sharing with stakeholders.
Scheduled Reports
The app allows sellers to schedule automated report generation at specific intervals, ensuring they receive the latest data without manual effort.
Interactive Dashboard
The app provides a user-friendly dashboard to access and visualize report data, providing a quick overview of key metrics and trends.
Historical Data
Sellers can access and compare historical data across different reporting periods, enabling them to track progress and identify trends over time.


Data-Driven Decision Making
The Report Builder provides sellers with comprehensive reports and analytical tools to make informed business decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.
Efficiency and Time Savings
By automating the report generation process, the app saves sellers valuable time and effort, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval and analysis.
Customization and Flexibility
Sellers can customize reports based on their specific requirements, allowing them to focus on the metrics that matter most to their business.
Improved Performance Tracking
The app enables sellers to track their business performance, sales, inventory, and other key metrics over time, facilitating goal setting and progress monitoring.


Sellers can generate comprehensive reports tailored to their needs, leveraging the data available through the Selling Partner API. The app provides customization options, analytical tools, and an intuitive interface, enabling sellers to gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and effectively track their business performance. By utilizing the Report Builder, sellers can unlock the potential of their data and drive their business towards success.