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Our AMTU Plus supports Amazon's new Selling Partner (SP) API and automates the uploaded files from the relevant directories and retrieve the uploaded results including order reports from Amazon.



Ditch manual reporting downloads for automated data collection, organization, and cataloging ..

On-demand, pay-as-you-go pricing delivers flexible, reliable, and predictable budgeting.

Data is delivered to trusted, industry-leading data lakes or cloud warehouse technologies.


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Analyse Business
Make Strategies
Implement Properly
Reach Targets


Let’s Get Started with our Service

Lets start with our best services that we provide to our valuable clients with prior dedications & on time delivery for any assigned projects or campaigns

Amazon Inventory

Get FBA Inventory Reports data for the listing, condition, disposition and quantity to help with day-to-day inventory.

Amazon Fulfillment

Get comprehensive, product-level detail on inbound shipments, shipped FBA orders, quantity, tracking, and shipping with FBA Fulfillment Reports and Inbound Fulfillment API.

Amazon Orders​

Order and item information for both FBA and seller-fulfilled orders including order status, fulfillment and sales channel information, and item details with Order API, FBA Orders Reports.

Amazon Finance

Balances, payouts, estimated and actual selling, storage, and fulfillment fee data with FBA Settlement Reports, FBA Fees and Finance AP

Sales & Traffic

Business level Sales and Traffic reports offer performance metrics for product sales, revenue, units ordered, and page traffic metrics such as page views and buy box.

Vendor Central

Vendors get automated integrations for Vendor Direct Fulfillment and Vendor Retail Procurement to improve performance at scale while optimizing for sales growth.